Cogeneration Association of India is structured as a non-profit Organisation and will be funded by the members, grants and donations. The first donation is form MITCON Consultancy Services Ltd., which has been very active in promoting cogeneration and has contributed substantially to the formation & operationalization of COGEN INDIA.
We appeal Industrial and commercial undertakings with good cogeneration potential, power utilities, policy makers, entrepreneurs, project developers, development and financing institutions, suppliers of technology, equipment and services should come forward to support the Association by becoming members in one of the following categories:
Patron : A corporate organization, donating sum of Rs. 5 lakh & above.
Institutional Member: Corporate organizations, academic and research institutions, non-profit institutions, power utility organizations, etc. involved in areas related to cogeneration and interested in promoting cogeneration.
Individual Member : An individual engaged in an area of activity related to cogeneration and interested in the promotion of aims and objectives of cogeneration.
Life Member : A person who is eligible to become individual Member of the Association and is interested in life long involvement with working of the Association.
Student Member : Any bonafide student of a recognized and accredited academic institution, with active interest in cogeneration. Such members shall have all rights and privileges of membership but shall not have right to nominate, vote or hold office.
Associate Member : An Organization, institution or individual, though not active in any field directly related to cogeneration, but is sympathetic to the objects of the Association and wishes to contribute to promotion of the objects may become an Associate Member. Associate Members shall have all rights and privileges of membership but shall not have the right to nominate, vote hold office.
Admission Fees
Application for membership of the Association is to be made in the enclosed from and submitted along with the prescribed fees.
Schedule of Fees in Rs.
Class of Membership Annual Subscription
    Patrons 5,00,000/-& above One time
    Life Members (individual) 1,00,000/- One time
    Institutional Members 25,000/- Annual
    Associate Members  10,000/- Annual
    Individual Members 5,000/- Annual
    Student Member 1,000/- Annual
  March 2014