ICIN (Vol VI, Issue 4, April - June 2023) (69 Issue) April 2023

   Bullet Sugar Factories: The Future Innovative Energy Hubs
   Bullet Success Story: Dalmia Bharat Sugar Industries Limited, Unit – Kolhapur
   Bullet Case Study: Dr. Patangrao Kadam Sonhira SSK Ltd.
   Bullet Sugar Cogeneration at Shree CBKSSKN Chikodi: Transforming Vision into Reality
   Bullet Steaming Ahead towards an Energy-Efficient Future
   Bullet Biomass Supply Chain for Power Production: Challenges & Solutions
   Bullet Diversion of BH/Partial Syrup to Ethanol Manufacture
   Bullet Central Government Notifies Green Hydrogen Policy
   Bullet Business Meet on Cogeneration Technologies and Hands-on Training Report
   Bullet Waste to Bio-CNG: Role of Indian Sugar Industry
   Bullet IREDA’s Financing Norms

ICIN (Vol VI, Issue 3, January – March 2023) (68 Issue) January 2023

   Bullet  Cogen India Initiatives
   Bullet  MERC Regulation for Solar Power Plant Installations at Sugar Cogeneration Plants
   Bullet  Sugar Cogeneration at Shree Pandurang SSK Ltd, Shreepur: A Success Story
   Bullet  Shri Dudhganga Vedganga SSK Case Study
   Bullet  Trigeneration in India: Benefits & Challenges
   Bullet  Policy and Regulatory Framework Review: Sugar, Distillery/Ethanol & Cogeneration Power Projects
   Bullet  Fill Fouling Solutions in Cooling Towers of Sugar Cogeneration Plants
   Bullet  Power Finance Corporation: Financing Update
   Bullet  Microbial Contamination in Stored Molasses
   Bullet  Empowering Cogeneration Power Plants at Sugar Factories in India: A Discussion Paper
   Bullet  List of CDM Registered Biomass-based CogenerationProjects from India
   Bullet  List of Cogeneration Plants in Karnataka

ICIN (Vol VI, Issue 2, October - December 2022) (67 Issue) October 2022

   Bullet  Sugar Factories: Future Innovative Energy Hubs
   Bullet  National Cogeneration Awards – 2022
   Bullet  Case Study: Ponni Sugars (Erode) Limited
   Bullet  Tariff Issues Related to Sugar Cogeneration:Challenges and Solutions
   Bullet  Opportunities to Cogeneration Power Plants for Sale of Power
   Bullet  Energy Conservation Opportunities in Cooling Towers: Part II
   Bullet  Changes in Incineration Boiler Design: With Changing Feedstock of Ethanol Production
   Bullet  Biomass-based Cogeneration & Carbon Credits
   Bullet  Sugarcane and the Creation of Carbon-Negative Hydrogen
   Bullet  SLDC Online Training Programs by Cogen India
   Bullet  NABARD’s Financial Assistance to Sugar/Ethanol Sector

ICIN (Vol VI, Issue 1, July - September 2022) (66 Issue) July 2022

   Bullet  Green Hydrogen: New Initiative
   Bullet  Co-Firing Coal and Biomass: An Update
   Bullet  Food-grade Xylitol Production from Sugarcane Bagasse: A Biochemical Approach
   Bullet  Energy Conservation Opportunities in Cooling Towers
   Bullet  Falling Film Evaporators (FFE): Study of Inversion Aspects of FFE vis-à-vis Other Evaporators
   Bullet  Bagasse Dryer at Seksaria Biswan Sugar Factory: A Success Story
   Bullet  Success Story: World’s Largest Capacity Boiler Firing King Grass as Fuel in Latin America
   Bullet  APTEL Order in Favor of Bagasse-based Cogeneration
   Bullet  National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC): Financing Update

ICIN (Vol V, Issue 4, April - Jun 2022) (65 Issue) April 2022

   Bullet  Green Markets: Towards Achieving India’s Sustainability Goals
   Bullet  The Green Growth Pledge of Dalmia Bharat Sugar
   Bullet  Turbines & Auxiliaries: Role in Sugar Cogeneration Plants
   Bullet  First BIOSYRUP® Plant Inaugurated in Maharashtra
   Bullet  Paddy Straw-Fired Boilers: A Success Story
   Bullet  Upcoming Initiatives by Cogeneration Association of India
   Bullet  Biofuels in India: Benefits Vs Costs
   Bullet  Cogen India Petitions Electricity Regulatory Commission
   Bullet  Case Study: Louver-Type Advanced Mist Cooling System at Malegaon SSK
   Bullet  Cogeneration: Helping to Accelerate Sappi’s Decarbonisation Journey
   Bullet  IREDA’s Financing Norms

ICIN (Vol V, Issue 3, January – March 2022) (64 Issue) January 2022

   Bullet  Sugar Cogeneration Handbook–2021
   Bullet  Performance Analysis of a Sugarcane Bagasse Cogeneration Plant in Kenya
   Bullet  Renewed Sugar Complex Configuration
   Bullet  Compressed Biogas from Filter Cake of Sugar Industry
   Bullet  Training Program on ‘Operational Transformation’
   Bullet  India’s Ethanol Roadmap Leads National Policy on Biofuels Off Track
   Bullet  Clarke Energy Represents Kohler at UN COP26 Event
   Bullet  Approach towards Zero Liquid Effluent Discharge in Sugar Plants
   Bullet  Economics of Bagasse Cogeneration Plants & Means of Finance
   Bullet  Revival of a Closed Sick Sugar Unit in India

ICIN (Vol V, Issue 2, October - December 2021) October 2021

   Bullet Sugar Cogeneration Handbook–2021
   Bullet Removing Barriers to Sustainable Waste Management in India
   Bullet Drying of Sugarcane Bagasse: Past Approaches
   Bullet Cogen India Comments on Discussion Paper on REC Mechanism Design
   Bullet High-efficiency Mist Cooling System: Comparisons with Conventional Spray Systems/Cooling Towers
   Bullet Optimizing Plant Efficiency - Part II
   Bullet Sale of ‘Surplus Power’ from Bagasse-based Cogeneration Projects: A Petition by MSEDCL
   Bullet Pressmud to Compressed BioGas (CBG): Waste to Fuel Solutions for India
   Bullet Challenges in Incineration Boilers: With Latest Trends in Ethanol Production
   Bullet Industrial Centrifugal Fans: Types and Uses
   Bullet SBI Guidelines for Financial Assistance to Sugar Mills for Augmentation of Ethanol Production
   Bullet Financing Updates: Sugar Development Fund & Power Finance Corporation

ICIN (Vol V, Issue 1, July - September 2021) July 2021

   Bullet Cogen India’s Appeals to Ministry of Power
   Bullet Complete ZLD Operations with Next Gen Technology: The Green Growth Pledge of Dalmia Bharat Sugar
   Bullet High-Efficiency Cooling System: Superior Alternative to Conventional Cooling Towers
   Bullet Energy Efficiency in Sugar Industry
   Bullet Combined Heat & Power: A Balancing Solution and Profitable Alternative for the Coal Exit
   Bullet Biomass Handling Solutions in India
   Bullet Water Conservation in Sugar Industry: A Case Study of Lokmangal Sugar, Ethanol and Cogeneration Industries Ltd.
   Bullet  Optimizing Plant Efficiency - Part I

   Bullet Biomass Assessment in Rajasthan

   Bullet India to Boost Ethanol Production Further

   Bullet National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC): Financing Update

ICIN (Vol IV, Issue 4, April - Jun 2021) April 2021

   Bullet Cogen India Webinar Series
   Bullet Expansion and Modernization: Key to Success
   Bullet Sustainable Waste-to-Energy Models
   Bullet Future-Proofing Energy Storage
   Bullet  CERC RE Tariff Determination for FY 2021-22
   Bullet Tariff Order for Bagasse-based Cogeneration Plants in Tamil Nadu
   Bullet Haryana Bagasse-Based Cogeneration Plant
   Bullet  Exempted from Cross-Subsidy, Additional Surcharge
   Bullet  Cogeneration Profile: Kesar Enterprises
   Bullet Biomass Briquettes for Power Generation
   Bullet Bagasse Drier Experience at KM Sugar Mills
   Bullet NEDFi: Financing Updates for North-Eastern States of India
   Bullet NSI-Shrijee Sugar Poster Contest 2021
   Bullet  IREDA’s Financing Norms

ICIN (Vol IV, Issue 3, January - March 2021) January 2021

   Bullet Paddy Straw as Boiler Fuel
   Bullet New Technology for Paddy Straw Firing
   Bullet Coal-Biomass Co-firing Power Generation Technology: The China Experience
   Bullet  Technologies Changing the Future of Renewable Energy
   Bullet  Saving of Bagasse Through CSIR-IIP Improved Four- Pan Jaggery Making Plant
   Bullet Nirani Group Goes Forward as Bio-energy Company: With Sugar as a Byproduct
   Bullet Uttarakhand Pioneers Energy Generation from Pine Litter & Other Biomass
   Bullet  Life Cycle Assessment of Sugar and Bagasse-based Electricity Production

ICIN (Vol IV, Issue 2, October – December 2020 ) October 2020

   Bullet  KMW Case Study on Energy Solutions
   Bullet Potential Applications of Solar Energy in Sugar Industry
   Bullet Solar Plants (PV & Thermal) in Cogeneration Industries
   Bullet  Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS): India Must Leverage Its Vast Potential
   Bullet  Procedures for Checking Biomass Boilers during Shut Downs
   Bullet  Energy Efficient CMR Mills for Sugarcane Milling
   Bullet  Government Policies for Ethanol Sector in India

ICIN (Vol IV, Issue 1, JULY - SEPTEMBER 2020) JUlY 2020

   Bullet RDF Applications in Power Sector
   Bullet Case Study: 20 MW Bagasse Cogeneration Plant at Shri Dudhganga Vedganga SSK
   Bullet Innovations to Save Water in Cogeneration Plants
   Bullet  Slop-Fired Boilers in Molasses-Based Distilleries: A Game Changer
   Bullet  O&M Care for Slop-fired Incineration Boilers
   Bullet  Enhancing EE through Industry Partnerships
   Bullet  Biomass Co-firing in Thermal Power Plants
   Bullet  Transformer & System Losses during Off-Season of Cogeneration Plants in Sugar Factoriesb
   Bullet  PFC’s Funding for Renewable Energy Projects

ICIN (Vol III, Issue 4, APRIL - JUNE 2020) APRIL 2020

   Bullet Electrified Gravel Bed Precipitator
   Bullet  Barriers to Biogas Power in India
   Bullet  Energy Mix in Dairies
   Bullet  Maharashtra Steps Up Energy Drive in Dairies
   Bullet  Optimizing Energy Mix at Sugar Complexes
   Bullet  World’s Largest Spent Wash Incineration Boiler (with Bagasse as Support Fuel) at DSCL, Ajbapur, India
   Bullet  Air-heater Tube Failures
   Bullet  Renewable Energy for Industry – A Policy Overview
   Bullet RDF Market Size Analysis, Industry Outlook, Latest Trends and Forecast by 2025
   Bullet NCDC: Financing Update

ICIN (Vol III, Issue 3, JANUARY - MARCH 2020): JANUARY 2020

   Bullet Energy Efficiency in Cement Industry: Need of the Hour
   Bullet Waste Heat Recovery Experience at JK Cement
   Bullet  Energy Benchmarking for Cement Industry – A Unique Tool for Improving Energy Efficiency
   Bullet  Utilization of Residual Lignocellulosic Biomass
   Bullet Variables in Design of Slop-fired Cogeneration Plants for Distilleries
   Bullet  Electricity Distribution Companies in India
   Bullet  Management of Crop Residue in North India
   Bullet  Converting Organic Waste into Biogas in Satara
   Bullet IREDA’s Financing Update
   Bullet Higher Ethanol Price for Sugar Season 2019-20

ICIN (Vol III, Issue 2, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2019) OCTOBR 2019

   Bullet Sugar Cogeneration in Nepal
   Bullet  Alternative Treatment Technologies for Distillery Effluent to Achieve Zero Discharge: The Balrampur Chini Experience
   Bullet  CSIR Technologies for Value Realization in Bio-ethanol Production
   Bullet  Biogas from Industrial Wastes for CNG & Power Generation
   Bullet  Effects of Air Ingress in Boilers
   Bullet  Sugarcane in Sub-tropical India: Challenges & Opportunities
   Bullet  Sustainability of Distillery/Cogeneration Sector in India
   Bullet NEDFi: Financing Updates for North-Eastern States of India

ICIN (Vol III, Issue 1, JULY - SEPTEMBER 2019) JULY 2019

   Bullet  Sugar Sector and Cogeneration Potential Assessment in Nepal
   Bullet Augmenting Ethanol Capacities in India: Issues and Challenges
   Bullet  New Technologies for Achieving Lowest Steam Consumption & Zero Effluent Discharge in Distilleries
   Bullet  High Recovery of Ethanol from Molasses by Recycled Nano-activated Iron Assimilation
   Bullet  Waste Heat Applications in Cement Industry
   Bullet  Energy Balance in Sugarcane Cultivation & Cogeneration
   Bullet  Energy Generation from Pine Litter and Other Biomass
   Bullet  PFC’s Funding for Renewable Energy Projects

ICIN (Vol II, Issue 4, APRIL - JUNE 2019) APRIL 2019

   Bullet Biogas: Converting Waste to Energy
   Bullet Biogas Gensets from Mahindra Powerol
   Bullet Generation of Biogas/Bio-CNG from Sugarcane Press Mud
   Bullet  A Study on Economic Treatment of Distillery Effluent
   Bullet Bio-Energy: A Critical Component of India’s Sustainable Energy Pathway
   Bullet  Universal Biomass: An Experiment by Sukhbir Agro Energy Limited
   Bullet Sugarcane Bagasse Cogeneration Potential in Uttar Pradesh
   Bullet Updates on Uttar Pradesh Scenario
   Bullet Case Study: Managing Continuous Operation of TG Set During Grid Disturbance
   Bullet Draught Fans in Power Plants
   Bullet Automation Technologies Improve Operations & Reduce Cost for Sugar Industry
   Bullet • Financing Updates by NCDC & NABARD

ICIN (Vol II, Issue 3, JANUARY - MARCH 2019) : JANUARY 2019

   Bullet  Business Meets on WHR and Ethanol/Distillery Cogeneration
   Bullet  Long-Pending Central Financial Assistance (CFA)/Capital Subsidies for Bagasse Cogeneration Power Projects at Sugar Mills in India
   Bullet  Optimizing Operations of Existing Bagasse-based Grid-connected Cogeneration Plants
   Bullet  Types of Industrial Fans
   Bullet  Spent Wash Incineration in Distillery & Ethanol Plants
   Bullet  Birla Experience with WHRS
   Bullet  Waste Heat Recovery in Cement Plants
   Bullet  Policy Updates
   Bullet IREDA’s Financing Norms for the Cogeneration Sector

ICIN ( Vol II, Issue 2, OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2018 ) : Oct 2018

   Bullet  Management of Crop Residue in North India: Government Scheme & Industry Viewpoint
   Bullet  Barriers to Biogas Power in India
   Bullet  Paddy Straw to Bio-CNG
   Bullet  Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for Waste Heat Power Generation
   Bullet  Sugar/Cogeneration Unit Expansion: The KukadiSSKL Experience
   Bullet  Gasification of Bamboo & Bamboo Waste: Feedstockin Updraft Gasifiers
   Bullet  NEDFi: Financing Updates for North-Eastern States of India

ICIN ( Vol I, Issue 1, July-September 2018 ) : July 2018

   Bullet  Ugar Sugar Works: A Case Study
   Bullet  Improving Profitability of Distilleries: Energy Efficient “E-max2” Technology
   Bullet  Incineration of Distillery Spent Wash: The Balrampur Chini Case Study
   Bullet  Spent Wash Management at HBL Biofuels
   Bullet  Water Use in India’s Power Generation
   Bullet  Energy Conservation in Sugar Industries in India
   Bullet  PFC’s Funding for Renewable Energy Projects

ICIN ( Vol - XLIX ) : APRIL 2018

   Bullet  South Asian Perspective: Bagasse-Based Cogeneration in Sugar Mills
   Bullet  Energy Efficiency in Indian Sugar Industries
   Bullet  Energy-Efficient Milling Solutions by Ulka
   Bullet  Generator Operation Modes & Coping with Grid Faults
   Bullet  National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC): Financing Update
   Bullet  Diversification: The Need of the Hour
   Bullet  Alcohol Industry: Issues & Remedies

ICIN ( Vol - XLVIII ) : JANUARY 2018

   Bullet  Biomass Power Solutions to Biomass Burning in North India
   Bullet  Waste to Wealth
   Bullet  Power Generation from Waste Heat Gas in Iron & Steel Plants
   Bullet  Detailed Energy Audit in a Captive Cogeneration Plant
   Bullet  Wastage / Burning of Biomass in North India: Setting up Biomass Power Plants
   Bullet  Emissions Reduction Potential in Pulp & Paper Mills by Applying Cogeneration Technologies: Part II
   Bullet  IREDA’s Financing Norms for the Cogeneration Sector
   Bullet  Impact of Cooling Water Temperature on Plant Performance

ICIN ( Vol - XLVII ) : OCTOBER 2017

   Bullet  Bagasse Drier Experience at KM Sugar Mills Condition Monitoring Techniques of Power Transformers
   Bullet  Business Meets on Solutions for Gear Units in Sugar Industry
   Bullet  MD/CEO’s Role in Sugar Industry
   Bullet  Energy Saving Certificates (ES Certs)
   Bullet  Cogeneration in Sugar Industry: Present Status & Way Forward
   Bullet  Spent Wash Incineration with Bagasse as Support Fuel: A Proven Technology
   Bullet  Emissions Reduction Potential in Pulp & Paper Mills by Applying Cogeneration Technologies
   Bullet  Cogen India’s Inputs for Stakeholders’ Consultation on Development of Bio-energy Projects
   Bullet  NEDFi: Financing Development in the North-Eastern States of India

ICIN ( Vol - XLVI ) : JULY 2017

   Bullet  Waste Heat Recovery Boilers in Cement Plants
   Bullet  Biomass Power from Rice Industry
   Bullet  Case Study: Uttam Energy’s La Suerte Rice Mill Corporation, Philippines
   Bullet  Latest MERC Tariff Order for FY 2017-18: Impact on Cogeneration Projects
   Bullet  Debt Restructuring for Sugar Sector, The Immediate Need
   Bullet  Waste Management in Vietnam
   Bullet  Global Technology Updates
   Bullet  PFC’s Funding for Renewable Energy Projects
   Bullet  India Renewable Energy Achievements

ICIN ( Vol - XLV ) : APRIL 2017

   Bullet  A Vision for Promoting Bagasse-Based Cogeneration In India
   Bullet  MERC Public Hearing on Renewable Energy Tariff Order for FY2017-18
   Bullet  The Sugar Industry: Present Scenario
   Bullet  Flash Dryers for Bagasse in Sugar Industry
   Bullet  Tapping New Avenues: Turbo Gearboxes
   Bullet  Business Meets to Promote Cogeneration/Biomass Power/Ethanol Projects
   Bullet  Pre-payment Meters in Manipur
   Bullet  Incineration: Matured Technology to Treat Distillery Effluent
   Bullet  National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC): Financing Update

ICIN ( Vol - XLIV ) : January 2017

   Bullet  National Electricity Plan
   Bullet  Ethanol & Indian Sugar Industry: For Sustainability & Success
   Bullet  Malwa Biomass Power Plant - Ensuring Sustainable Biomass Supply
   Bullet  Biomass Power: The Transtech Experience
   Bullet  R&D Application in Supply Chain Management of Biomass Industry
   Bullet  The Orient Green Experience: 20 MW Cogeneration Power Project
   Bullet  Design Principles of Cogeneration Boilers for Sugar Industry
   Bullet  Biomass Knowledge Portal
   Bullet  IREDA’s Financing Norms for the Cogeneration/ Biomass Sector

ICIN ( Vol - XLIII ) : October 2016

   Bullet  Key Policy and Regulatory Issues: Bagasse Cogeneration Power Projects in india
   Bullet  Waste Heat Recovery for the Cement Sector : The China Experience
   Bullet  Design Technology for Process Efficiency and Optimum Energy Economy in Ethanol Plants.
   Bullet  Business Meets on Policy, Financing & Techno Commercial Issues for Integrated Distillery /Ethanol Projects ( with Incineration Biolers & TG Sets )
   Bullet  Bagasse Drying: A Review ( Part III )
   Bullet  Water Treatment in Sugar Plants with High Pressure Boilers
   Bullet  Spent Wash Incineration Boilers in Distillery and Ethanol Plants
   Bullet  Regenerative Drives Save Energy in Food Processing Applications
   Bullet  NEDFI: Financing Development in the North-Eastern States of India

ICIN ( Vol - XLII ) : JULY – 2016

   Bullet Waste Heat Recovery for the Cement Sectoir:
   Bullet  India Cement WHR Analysis
   Bullet  Viewpoint Article on Amendment to REC Regulation
   Bullet  RECs: Impact on Sugar Industry after 4th Amendment
   Bullet  Training Programme at Baramati Agro Experience.
   Bullet  Power Generation by Waste Heat Energy: The IG Petrochemicals Experience:
   Bullet  Bagasse Drying : A Review (Part II)
   Bullet  Tariff Revision for Bagassae-based Cogeneration Power Projects in Maharashtra
   Bullet  Water Treatment in Cogeneration Power Plants: Part I
   Bullet  Power Finance Corporation Ltd.: Financing Update.
   Bullet  Market and Supplier Analysis

ICIN ( Vol - XLI ) : APRIL 2016

   Bullet  Design & Analysis of Cogenration Plant using WHR.
   Bullet  Process Waste Heat Utilization for Power Generation at Philips Carbon Black.
   Bullet  Complete Refurbishment and O&M of 17 MW Cogeneration Power Plant: In Record Time.
   Bullet  MNRE-Supported Operator Training Programme (OTP) in Maharashtra & Uttarakhand.
   Bullet  Bagasse Drying: A Review (Part 1).
   Bullet  Bagasse3 Drying & its Multiple Advantages: Prolonged Cogeneration & Fuel Gas Cleaning.
   Bullet  Thin Layer Drying of Bagasse.
   Bullet  National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC): Financing Update.
   Bullet  India’s Renewable Energy Achievements

ICIN ( Vol - XL ) : January – 2016

   Bullet  Waste Heat Recovery in Industries in India
   Bullet  Waste Heat Recovery at ACC Limited
   Bullet  Ethanol Production for Better Health of the Indian Sugar Industry
   Bullet  MNRE-Supported Operator Training Programs (OTP) for Cogeneration Power Plants at Sugar Factories
   Bullet  Cogeneration and Energy Conservation at Sri Sarvaraya Sugars
   Bullet  Integrated Plant: The Gangakhed Sugar & Energy Limited Case Study
   Bullet  IREDA’s Financing Norms for the Cogeneration/ Biomass Sector
   Bullet  Bagasse-Based Cogeneration: A Perspective (with specific reference to Uttar Pradesh)
   Bullet  COP21 Update

ICIN ( Vol - XXXIX ) : October - 2015

   Bullet  Tapping CSR Funds for Sustainability of Biomass- Based IPPs and Cogeneration Power Plants in India
   Bullet  Business Meet on Accelerated Deployment of Incineration-Type Boilers in Distilleries
   Bullet  Slop-Fired Boiler Technology: A Case Study
   Bullet  Value Maximization through Sustainable Solutions for Distilleries
   Bullet  Energy Efficient Milling Solutions
   Bullet  Energy Management in Cogeneration Plants
   Bullet  COP21: An Update
   Bullet  NEDFi : Financing Development in the North-Eastern States of India

ICIN ( Vol - XXXVIII ) : July - 2015

   Bullet  SAARC Cross-Border Electricity Trade (CBET) through the Exchanges
   Bullet  Experiences of Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation in Cogeneration
   Bullet  Performance Improvement of 22 MW Bagasse based Cogeneration Plant at Sonhira SSK Ltd., Sangli, Maharashtra
   Bullet  High-Pressure Boilers for Cogeneration in Sugar Industry
   Bullet  Challenges Faced by Upcoming Sugar Cogeneration Power Projects
   Bullet  Biogas from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME): Opportunities and Challenges from Malaysia's Perspective
   Bullet  Power Finance Corporation Ltd: Financing Update

ICIN ( Vol - XXXVII ) : April- 2015

   Bullet  IREDA Status Report: Bagasse-based Cogeneration at Sugar Factories in India
   Bullet  Case Study: 20 MW Cogeneration Power Project at Kolhapur, Maharashtra
   Bullet  Cogeneration Plant Energy Audits: Case Studies
   Bullet  Cogeneration Operator Training: Improving Skills and Enhancing Efficiency
   Bullet  Conserving Energy through Lowest Life-Cycle Cost Pumps
   Bullet  Study of Rice Straw Potential for Small Power Plants in Thailand
   Bullet  Financing Update: NCDC
   Bullet  Business Meet on Performance Improvement in Cogeneration Plants
   Bullet  Importance of Control & Monitoring in Cogeneration Plants

ICIN ( Vol -XXXVI ) : January-2015

   Bullet  Cogeneration: An Option for Potential Source of Electricity in Bangladesh
   Bullet  Investment Opportunities in Cogeneration in the Philippines
   Bullet  Condition Monitoring of Steam Turbines by Performance Analysis
   Bullet  Capstone Microturbines: A New Renewable Source of Energy Generation from Landfill Gas
   Bullet  World Sugar Investment Summit, Dubai
   Bullet   Merchant Power Plants
   Bullet  IREDA Business Meets for Promotion & Development of Term Loan Business
   Bullet  Case Study: Uttam Group’s Wonji Shoa Sugar Project, Ethiopia
   Bullet  JBIC’s Commitment to India’s RE & EE Sectors
   Bullet  IREDA’s Financing Norms for the Cogeneration/Biomass Sector
   Bullet  New & Renewable Energy Achievements in India

ICIN ( Vol -XXXV ) : October - 2014

   Bullet  Overview of Cogeneration Opportunities in Nepal & SAARC Member States
   Bullet  Shree Dutta SSK Case Study with 125 Ata Boiler
   Bullet  Energy Efficiency Using VFDs and Harmonics Mitigation in Sugar Industries
   Bullet  Power Generation Case Studies & Experiences from Gujarat Ambuja
   Bullet  Microturbines: New Revolutionary Power Generation Technology Now in India
   Bullet  Delays in Environmental Clearance for Grid-Connected Cogeneration Projects at Sugar Mills
   Bullet  Use of Fossil Fuel for Biomass Power Plants: Amendment in CERC Regulation
   Bullet  Operator Training Programs (OTP) for Existing/Upcoming Cogeneration Power Plants at Cooperative/Private Sugar Factories in Maharashtra,
        December 2014
   Bullet  MNRE Program on Energy from Urban, Industrial and Agricultural Wastes/Residues (A Summary)
   Bullet  NEDFi: Financing Update
   Bullet  Biomass Cogeneration (non-bagasse) Projects for Captive Use (installed during 2005-06 to 2013-14)

ICIN ( Vol -XXXIV ) : July - 2014

   Bullet  Biomass Power Projects: Viewpoint on CERC Notification for Tariff Determination
   Bullet  Status Update: Cogeneration Power Plants at Sugar Factories in Gujarat
   Bullet  Bagasse-based Cogeneration Projects in Cooperative & Public Sector Sugar Mills of Tamil Nadu: An Update
   Bullet  Operator Training Program (OTP) for Existing / Upcoming Cogeneration Power Plants at Cooperative / Private Sugar Factories in Maharashtra, December 2014
   Bullet  Power Procurement Strategy and Power Exchanges
   Bullet  State Distribution Utilities First Annual Integrated Rating - March 2013
   Bullet  Workshop on Efficient Operation & Maintenance of Traveling Grate Boilers
   Bullet  Safety, Efficiency & Smooth Operation of Boilers
   Bullet  Financing Update: Power Finance Corporation
   Bullet  Biomass Cogeneration (non-bagasse) Projects for Captive Use (State-wise List)

ICIN ( Vol -XXXIII ) : April - 14

   Bullet  IREDA’s Contribution to the Cogeneration Sector
   Bullet  Bagasse Cogeneration in India: Status, Barriers
   Bullet  Status of REC Mechanism in India
   Bullet  RECs for Captive Consumption by Sugar Factories during Cane Crushing Season
   Bullet  Bagasse-based Cogeneration Plant at Ashok SSK, Maharashtra: A Case Study
   Bullet  Case Study of 20 MW Cogeneration Power Plant at Lakshmi Sugar Mills, UP
   Bullet  Open Hopper Bottom Boilers: Success Story of Nestle
   Bullet  Financing Update: NCDC
   Bullet  Operator Training Program (OTP) for Existing/Upcoming Cogeneration Power Plants at Cooperative/Private Sugar Factories in Maharashtra
   Bullet  Biomass Power in India: A Report

ICIN ( Vol -XXXII ) : January - 14

   Bullet  MNRE Program on Energy from Urban, Industrial and Agricultural Wastes/Residues
   Bullet  Implementing Cogeneration Power Plants on BOOT in Cooperative Sugar Mills in Maharashtra: The Renuka Sugars Experience
   Bullet  Isgec Biomass-Fired Boilers at Sanjog Sugars: A Case Study
   Bullet  New Technologies and Processes in Boiler Feed Water Treatment for Cogeneration Plants
   Bullet  Cogeneration Case Studies Handbook (Europe)
   Bullet  Maribo-Sakskøbing Biomass Power Plant Project Rudkøbing, Denmark
   Bullet  16 MW Biomass Power Plant by Usher Eco Power
   Bullet  Handbook on Technical Data of Cane Sugar Engineering (India)
   Bullet  IREDA’s Financing Norms for the Cogeneration/ Biomass Sector
   Bullet  Promotion of Bagasse Cogeneration & Energy Efficiency Projects in India: Awareness Programs
   Bullet  New & Renewable Energy Achievements in India

ICIN ( Vol -XXXI ) : October - 13

   Bullet  CERC Clears Major Hurdles in REC Mechanism
   Bullet  Cost Ceiling Benchmarks for Biomass Power/Cogeneration Projects
   Bullet  Tariff Order Update from GERC
   Bullet  State-of-the-art High-pressure Cogeneration Plant at Ponni Sugar Mill
   Bullet  Travelling Grate – Technology ‘Redefined’
   Bullet   Sangüesa Biomass Power Plant Project Navarra, Spain
   Bullet   Successful CHP Case Studies from Europe
   Bullet   NEDFI: Financing Update
   Bullet   Successful Implementation – Energy Conservation Measures in Cogeneration Equipment
   Bullet   New & Renewable Energy Achievements in India

ICIN (vol -XXX) : July - 13

   Bullet   Promotion of Cogeneration Power Plants on BOOT Basis in Cooperative Sugar Mills
   Bullet   Tariff Orders: Updates from CERC, MERC, BERC & MPERC
   Bullet   Biomass Power in Punjab
   Bullet   Biomass Fuel Management: The PRESPL Experience
   Bullet   PFC Financing Update
   Bullet   Power Generation from Mustard Residue: The Kalpataru Experience
   Bullet   Biomass Fuel Issues: Risk & Mitigation Measures in Sri Lanka
   Bullet   Slop-fired Traveling Grate Boilers - A Success Story
   Bullet   Liaoyuan Biomass Power Plant Project in China

ICIN (vol -XXIX) : April - 13

   Bullet   Biomass Fuel Linkage: Barriers, Challenges & Possible Solutions
   Bullet   Renewable Energy Certificates for Captive Consumption at Sugar Mills
   Bullet   State Policies for Bagasse Cogeneration Power Projects at Sugar Factories: A Comparison
   Bullet   Efficient Process Management & System Integration
   Bullet   Biomass Supply Chain Management
   Bullet   Fuel Price Adjustment: Crying Need for Survival of Biomass IPPs
   Bullet   Biomass Power in Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan

ICIN (vol -XXVIII) : Jan - 13

   Bullet   KP2 - Is it the end or beginning of a new era?
   Bullet   Total Water Management Solutions for the Power Sector
   Bullet   Why EPC
   Bullet   Incinerator for Zero Effluent Discharge (from a molasses-based distillery)
   Bullet   Case Study: 10 MW Biomass Power Plant at Sathyam Power
   Bullet   National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC)
   Bullet   Biomass Supply Chain Management [Sri Lanka: Biomass Fuel Supply Handbook (Part II)]

ICIN (vol -XXVII) : Oct - 12

   Bullet   Captive Power in India
   Bullet   Bagasse-based Cogeneration Power Plants in Maharashtra State: Current Scenario
   Bullet   Sri Lanka: Biomass Fuel Supply Handbook
   Bullet   Water Treatment in Cogeneration Power Plants :Part II (with high pressure boilers and steam turbines)
   Bullet   High-pressure Multi-fuel-fired Traveling Grate Boilers for Cogeneration Industry
   Bullet   Developing Cogeneration Power Plants in Cooperative/ Public Sector Sugar Mills in Tamil Nadu: An Update
   Bullet   IREDA’s Financing Norms for the Cogeneration/ Biomass Sector
   Bullet   Biomass Cogeneration (non-bagasse) Projects in India

ICIN (vol -XXVI) : July - 12

   Bullet   How Automation Technology Can Improve Performance of Your Power Plant
   Bullet   Variable Frequency Drive Solutions for Industrial Cogeneratio
   Bullet   Water Treatment in Cogeneration Power Plants: Part I
   Bullet   Biomass Gasification and Distributed Power Generation: Sustainable Economic Development of Rural India
   Bullet   Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP): 2011-12 Project Highlights
   Bullet   Effective Storage of Boiler Pressure Parts
   Bullet   Paddy Straw-based Power Plant
   Bullet   NEDFi: Financing Institution in North-East India
   Bullet   Latest Waste-to-Energy Projects in India

ICIN (vol -XXV) : April – 12 / Pages-30

   Bullet   Tariff Order for Renewable Energy Sources: Observations by Cogen India
   Bullet   Residential In-plant Training Programs on Sugar Mill Cogeneration
   Bullet   Spatial Assessment of Crop Residue Biomass in Assam
   Bullet   Sugar Cogeneration Plants: Optimum Design, Prevention and O&M Issues
   Bullet   Milling Solutions by Ulka
   Bullet   Two-Roller Mills: Energy Efficiency & Cogeneration
   Bullet   Spent Wash Firing with Travelling Grate Boilers
   Bullet   Government Policies for Biomass Projects in Bihar
   Bullet   Power Finance Corporation: Financing Update
   Bullet   CDM Corporate Responses in Indian Pulp & Paper Industry

ICIN (vol -XIV) : Jan – 12 / Pages-27

   Bullet   Carbon Markets: An Avenue for Additional Revenue
   Bullet   The Effects of Fin Geometry on Thermal Behavior
   Bullet   Biomass Power: The Need & Challenges
   Bullet   Energy Efficiency Projects in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
   Bullet   Paddy Straw – Biomass Fuel for Power Generation
   Bullet   Cogeneration Tariff: Regulatory Approach
   Bullet   Importance of Continuous Ash Evacuation from Ash Hoppers
   Bullet   Promotion of Biomass Power Plants in Orissa
   Bullet   State-wise Biomass Data
   Bullet   Biomass Power/Bagasse Cogeneration Projects
   Bullet   National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC): Financing Update

ICIN (vol -XXIII) : Oct – 11 / Pages-26

   Bullet   Water Heat Recovery in Industries
   Bullet   Case Study: Sathyam Power’s 10 MW Biomass Power Plant
   Bullet   Using Rice Straw for Energy Production Economics, Energetics and Emissions
   Bullet   Open Ventilated Dry Type Transformers
   Bullet   Boiler inspection Precautions
   Bullet   Capacity Building for Sugar Mills in Gujarat & Western India
   Bullet   IREDA’s Financing Norms of the Cogeneration / Biomass Sector
   Bullet   Completed Industrial Waste-to Energy Projects (State-Wise)

ICIN (vol -XXII) : July – 11 / Pages-26

   Bullet   Bagasse-based Cogeneration : Important Technical Issues
   Bullet   Kothari Sugars’ Cogeneration Experience
   Bullet   Coal Substitution by BEEMA Bamboo Biomass for Power Generation
   Bullet   Electrostatic Precipitators
   Bullet   Residential In-plant Training Programs on Sugar Mill Cogeneration
   Bullet   State-wise List of Biomass Cogeneration (non-bagasse) Projects (as of 31.03.2011)
   Bullet   Selection of Water Treatment Systems
   Bullet   Emerging Biomass Fuel : Paddy Straw

Case studies (vol -XXI) : April – 11 / Pages-26

   Bullet   Cane Trash Utilization in cogeneration / Independent Power Plants in India
   Bullet   UNDP-GEF-MNRE Project on Removal of Barriers to Biomass Power Generation in India
   Bullet   Sugar Cogeneration in Andhra Pradesh : Issues & concerns
   Bullet   PFC’s Funding for Renewable Energy Projects
   Bullet   The Cogeneration Experience at Sri Sarvaraya Sugars
   Bullet   The Importance of Bagasse Driers
   Bullet   Promoting Cogeneration Projects among Sugar Co-operative on BOOT Basis
   Bullet   Slop-fired Boilers: Concept, innovation & Operations
   Bullet   Cane Field Residues as Support Fuel at Shree Pandurang SSK
   Bullet   Basics of Boiler Water Chemistry

Case studies (vol -XX) : Jan – 11 / Pages-26

   Bullet   Creating Awareness on Cogeneration among Sugar Cooperatives in Gujarat
   Bullet   Initiatives Taken by Gujarat in the Power Sector
   Bullet   Boiler Preservation When Lying Idle
   Bullet   Financing Norms: NCDC
   Bullet   Feasibility of Rice Husk Cogeneration Systems in Cuba
   Bullet   Sugar Cogeneration on a BOOT Basis: An Investor’s Perspective
   Bullet   Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in India: An Update
   Bullet   Cogeneration Projects in Cooperative Sugar Mills in Punjab on a BOOT Basis
   Bullet   Trigeneration – Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Technical (Vol - XIX) Oct – 10 / Pages-30

   Bullet   Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) in  India
   Bullet   Bagasse-based Cogeneration in Gujarat Sugar Cooperatives: Potential &  Action Plan for Accelerated Development
   Bullet   IREDA’s Financing Norms for the Cogeneration/Biomass Sector
   Bullet   Boiler Designs for Bagasse with High Sand Content-An Africa Case Study
   Bullet   Process Waste Heat Utilization for Power Generation at Phillips Carbon Black
   Bullet   TNPL’s Bagasse Wash Wastewater CDM Case Study
   Bullet   Biomass Gasification: Rice Mill Case Studies in India
   Bullet   Cogeneration Experience in Small and Medium Industries
   Bullet   Completed Industrial Waste-to-Energy Projects (as of 31 March 2010)

Technical (Vol - XVIII) July – 10 / Pages-28

   Bullet   Harnessing India’s Cogeneration Potential
   Bullet   Biomass Power Takes Off in Punjab
   Bullet   Boiler Troubleshooting
   Bullet   Harmonic Mitigation Techniques
   Bullet   Energy Efficiency Measures Undertaken at Dalmia Chini Mills, Nigohi
   Bullet   Improving Awareness on Biomass Gasification/ Cogeneration Projects in Rice Mills by Cogen India
   Bullet   TNPL’s Bagasse Wash Wastewater CDM Case Study
   Bullet   Biomass Gasification: Rice Mill Case Studies in India
   Bullet   Case Study of Dalmia Chini Mills’ Cogeneration Project at Jawaharpur

Technical (Vol - XVII) April – 10 / Pages-28

   Bullet   Power Exchange: The  New Face Of Power Trading In India.
   Bullet   Karnataka Renewable  Energy Policy.
   Bullet   US Sugar Cogenerators Propose Change to UPERC Regulation / Tariff.
   Bullet   Elimination of Excessive Vibration / Noise in Boilers.
   Bullet   CDM Opportunities for Bagasse  Co-generation Projects in India.
   Bullet   Residential Training Programs on High efficiencySugar Cogeneration.
   Bullet   The Vantage Waste Processor
   Bullet   The Yash Agro Energy Boimass Cogeneration Case Study.

Technical (Vol - XVI) Jan – 10 / Pages-26

   Bullet   ERC Update on Tariffs
   Bullet   Awareness Creation on Biomass. Gasification/Cogeneration Projects in Rice Mills.
   Bullet   Important Considerations: for Firing Coal in Bagasse fired Boilers.
   Bullet   Rice Husk-based Cogeneration: The UAL Experience.
   Bullet   Rice Husk-based Cogeneration: The Nahar Industrial Enterprises Experience.
   Bullet   New Technology & Processes in Boiler Feed Water Treatment.
   Bullet   MNRE’s Biomass Gasifier-based Distributed/Off-grid Program for Rural Areas and the Grid Power Program.
   Bullet   Power Trading.
   Bullet   Forthcoming Events.

Technical (Vol - XV) Oct – 09 / Pages-29

   Bullet   Cogeneration Using Biomass Gasification Technology
   Bullet   BIGCC Technology for Power Plants:The AllGreen Initiative.
   Bullet   Rice Husks as Fuel in Process Steam Boilers
   Bullet   Biomass Fuels & Their Impact on Boiler Design.
   Bullet   Thermax Signs Technology Agreements with Global Leaders for Advanced Wastewater Treatment
   Bullet   Green Power Generation: The Kalpataru Power Transmission Experience.
   Bullet   National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC)
   Bullet   Training Programs on Automation for Sugar Mills & Cogeneration Power Plants.
   Bullet   Developing Cogeneration Power Plants in Co-operative/Public Sector Sugar Mills in Tamil Nadu.

Technical (Vol - XIV) Oct – 09 / Pages-30

   Bullet   Distributed Control Systems Improve Efficiency at Dhampur.
   Bullet   Spentwash-based Cogeneration Technology.
   Bullet   Heat Recovery in Sugar Boilers Using Bagasse Dryers.
   Bullet   Bagasse Dryer Unit Design.
   Bullet   Handling Failures of Pressure Parts in Boilers.
   Bullet   The BTA Wet Anaerobic Digestion Process.
   Bullet   Powering Villages from Rice Husk.
   Bullet   Energy Efficient and Green Technologies at KRPPL.
   Bullet   Renewal Power in India: Facts & Figures

Case studies (Vol - XIII) April – 09 / Pages-28

   Bullet   An Overview of Waste to Energy.
   Bullet   Energy Recovery from Industrial/Commercial Waste in India.
   Bullet   Waste-to-energy (Methanation ) Plants at Gujarat Ambuja Exports.
   Bullet   Power from Poultry Litter at Raus Power.
   Bullet   The CDM Background & a Distillery CDM Case Study.
   Bullet   The Importance of Sugar Factory Optimization for Cogeneration.
   Bullet   The Sagar Sugars Cogeneration Experience.
   Bullet   Air Pre-heater Leaks & Remedies.
   Bullet   CER Transactions: Forward Transactions.

Technology(Vol - XII) Jan – 09 / Pages-27

   Bullet   Potential and Incentives for Cogeneration in the Paper/Pulp Industry Sector.
   Bullet   Cogeneration in the Paper Industry: A Viewpoint.
   Bullet   Energy Saving Tips for Cogeneration Plants Based on Anand Tissues Experiences.
   Bullet   Biomass Gasifier Based Cogeneration in Rice Milling Industries.
   Bullet   Biomass-based Cogeneration at Sri Kalyani Agro Products: A CDM Case Study.
   Bullet   Promotion & Development of Sugar Mill Cogeneration in the State of Bihar.
   Bullet   Application of Harmonic Solutions in Sugar Plants.
   Bullet   Inspection of Bagasse-fired Boilers during Shut Downs.

Technology(Vol - XI) Oct – 08 / Pages-28

   Bullet   Viewpoint from the Distillery Sector.
   Bullet   Interaction Meet & Working Group Meeting Results & Recommendations (Distillery Sector).
   Bullet   Biomethanation with the UASB Process: A Case Study.
   Bullet   Developing Cogeneration in Cooperative Sugar Mills in Tamil Nadu & Maharashtra.
   Bullet   Online Moisture Analyzer for Bagasse.
   Bullet   High-efficiency Boiler Fans.
   Bullet   Tackling Boiler Bank Tube Failures Using CFD Techniques.
   Bullet   Rice Husk-based Cogeneration at Shree Bhawani Paper Mills.
   Bullet   The Sappi Paper Mill Cogeneration Experience (USA).

   Bullet   Financing Update:Power Finance Corporation.

Message From Shri Deepak Gupta  (Vol - X) July – 08 / Pages-24

   Bullet   Automation Technology: Improving Power Plant Performance
   Bullet   Electrostatic Precipitators: The Shammanur Sugars Experience.
   Bullet   High-efficiency Cooling Systems for Sugar Cogeneration Plants.
   Bullet   Bundling of CDM Project Activities.
   Bullet   KR Pulp & Papers Ltd: Their CDM Experience.
   Bullet   Biomass Gasification: Power & Thermal Applications.
   Bullet   India’s First 1 MW 100% Producer Gas-based Grid connected Power Generation.
   Bullet   Korat Waste to Enregy (KWTE) Project (Thailand).
   Bullet   Sweetening the Power Sector: Current Experience & Future Potential for Bagasse CHP around the World.

Editorial (Vol - IX) April – 08 / Pages-28

   Bullet   Global Benefits of Increased CHP Investment.
   Bullet   CHP Potential in Indian Industry.
   Bullet   CHP in the Indian Pulp & Paper Sector.
   Bullet   CHP & Micro-turbines: A Case Study.
   Bullet   Power Trading in Cogeneration Industries.
   Bullet   The Malu Paper Mills CDM Case Study.
   Bullet   Biogas-based Cogeneration at BMSS Distillery.
   Bullet  Capacity Building: Distillery In-Plant Training.
   Bullet  High Pressure Cogeneration in Sugar Plants.

Case Studies (Vol-VIII) Jan – 08

   Bullet   International case study from US or Europe.
   Bullet   Case study from MailhemEngineers Food processing).
   Bullet   CHP in the Indian Pulp & Paper Sector.
   Bullet   Waste-to-Energy Projects in Europe (MNRE)
   Bullet   Case study from Riddhi Siddhi (Food processing).
   Bullet   Case study from sugar sector.
   Bullet   Case study on biomass (other than bagasse) cogeneration.

Case Studies (Vol-VII) Oct – 07 / Pages-28

   Bullet   Case Studies from Shakumbhri Straw Products, Yash Papers, Riddhi Siddhi Gluco, and Chandigarh Distillers (MNRE)
   Bullet   Cane Cogeneration in Mauritius
   Bullet   Waste-to-Energy Projects in Europe (MNRE)
   Bullet   Advanced bagasse Congeneration at Dhampur Sugar Units (DSM/DSCL)
   Bullet   MPPL’s Crop Residue-fired Power Plant Awarded (MPPL)
   Bullet   Biomass Cogeneration at Dev Priya Papers (Pranam Consultants)
   Bullet   The Shriram Energy Systems Experience (WILL/SESL)
   Bullet   Efficient Boiler Control Systems Using VFDs (IJT)
   Bullet   MNRE Schemes/incentives Forthcoming Events

Financing & CDM (Vol-VI) July – 07 / Pages-36

   Bullet   Financing CHP/Cogeneration in India: An Overview.
   Bullet   PRC’s Support to the Power Sector.
   Bullet   ICICI’s Viewpoint on CHP/Cogeneration in India.
   Bullet   IREDA’s Schemes on Financing RE in India.
   Bullet   The Clean Development Mechanism.
   Bullet   CDM Issues & the CHP/ Cogeneration Industry.
   Bullet   The CDM: Driving Cogeneration Growth.
   Bullet   CDM Case Studies: Paper & Pulp, Sugar, Chemical, Distillery.

Technology (Vol-V) April – 07 / Pages-28

   Bullet   Travagrate Innovations.
   Bullet   Superheater Tube Failures in Boilers.
   Bullet   A CHP Plant in a Scottish Distillery.
   Bullet   Generators in Parallel Mode:Issues & Solutions.
   Bullet   VFDs for Cooling Towers in Sugar Cogen plants.
   Bullet   Biogas Technologies For Distillery Spent Wash.
   Bullet   Biomenthanation of Wheat Straw Wash Water

Technology (Vol-IV) Jan – 07 / Pages-32

   Bullet   Pick the Right Cogeneration Technology.
   Bullet   Innovative Predictive Maintenance for Water Tubes in Boilers.
   Bullet   Air Pollution Control in Biomass-Fired Boilers Through Fludized Bed Scrubbing.
   Bullet   Fly Ash Emission Control in Biomass-Fired Boilers Through Fluidiiaed Bed Scrubbing.
   Bullet   Cooling Towers for Cogeneration Power Plants.
   Bullet   Sugar Cogeneration Fuel & Ash Handing Systems.
   Bullet   Regional Awareness Workshops on Energy Recovery/power Generation from Industrial Wastes & Effluents.
   Bullet   Cogeneration at Yash Paper Mills
   Bullet   GE Energy’s Jenbacher Biogas Engine Powers Cow Manure Methane Cogeneration Plants in India.

Policy (Vol-III) Oct – 06 / Pages-32

   Bullet   Accelerating Cogeneration and Captive Power In India: The Role of Central and State Govt.
   Bullet   Global Captive Power Policy.
   Bullet   Financing Industrial Cogeneration in India.
   Bullet   Biomass Use in High-Pressure Boilers.
   Bullet   Bioskrubber: Biological H2s Removal.
   Bullet   Promoting Cogeneration in the Distillery & Paper Sectors.
   Bullet   Trade Team Canada Environment.

General (Vol-II) July – 06 / Pages-28

   Bullet   Steam Turbine Control Systems by Woodward Governor.
   Bullet   DTC Drive Technology by ABB Ltd.
   Bullet   Cogeneration in the Sponge iron Sector.
   Bullet   CDM - Trading Emission Credits by MITCON Ltd.
   Bullet   Cogeneration in Karnataka by KREDL.
   Bullet   Sugar Development Fund.
   Bullet   Wel Call Gasification by IES, USA.
   Bullet   Boilers for Non-Sugar Applications by IJT.
   Bullet   PFC’s Lending Rates for RE Projects.

Inaugural Issue (Vol-I) April – 06 / Pages-28

   Bullet   Cogeneration Potential & Regulatory issues by Cogen India.
   Bullet   Global Combined Heat & Power Scenario By WADE.
   Bullet   Fuel Issues - Scenario & availability in India.
   Bullet   EPC Cogeneration Projects : Thermax experience.
   Bullet   Boilers for Sugar Cogeneration Industry by IJT & Cogeneration Models by BHEL.
   Bullet   Sugar Development Fund.
   Bullet   Biogas-based Cogeneration at Kanoria Chemicals.


One-day Business Meets on Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) for Cement & Steel Industries’ in Southern & Northern Parts of India

One-day Business Meets for Promotion of Cogen / Captive Power Plants at Pulp & Paper Mills in Southern & Northern Parts of India

Proceeding Document Available 
  March 2014